Private Lessons

I've been a working musician in New York City for about twenty-five years. For all these years I've devoted equal time to both playing and teaching.I believe this gives me a unique prospective. I love teaching as much as playing! My students are from all different backgrounds and ages, adults, kids, amateurs, professionals, hobbyists and serious avocationalists.

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I give private lessons from my studio on the upper west side of Manhattan. It's on 102nd St. and Central Park West right off the B or C subway line. It's easy to park here too. Usually lessons are an hour, but some students want longer and some of the younger kids do a half hour. Most of my students study guitar, but some study theory, songwriting, notation, or other subjects. My lessons are individually tailored to each students needs. I teach all levels and styles. In my professional life I'm called on to play all kinds of things, from orchestral Broadway scores to screaming rock licks, to acoustic and slide guitar...I love it all and I love teaching it all! I also can do lessons via mail/email me for can now pay by credit card or paypal on this for details...

I tailor the lessons to each students situation. Here are just some of the things we do..

Repertoire: You choose the songs you want to learn, and I'll transcribe them and teach them to you. If necessary I'll arrange them for your particular level. Learning songs is a great way to build technique. If you're a songwriter, I'll help you to improve your performance of your material.

Folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter styles, using a capo, country, finger picking.

Electric, Blues, lead styles, classic rock, Hendrix, Clapton, punk, roots, Americana, rhythm and blues, soul, Memphis.

Slide, delta blues, open tunings, electric slide styles, Duane Allman, dobro stylings

Theory, scales, reading music, tablature, right hand technique
music school admissions preparation.

Jazz, chords, improvisation, standard tunes

Complete beginners: I'll get you started playing tunes right away.

Kids! I'm a Dad myself and I love teaching kids. From about 7 through college.

Guitars, how to buy 'em, maintain 'em, how to assess what you need.